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6 5 Jul 23 2017, 02:48 AM
In: Welcome To Mystic Falls
By: annalise keating
real life

Subforums: city/town, based on, school, entertainment, historical, other

202 2437 Today at 08:03 pm
By: mshorroreileen
science fiction/fantasy

Subforums: harry potter, supernatural creatures, dc/marvel, based on, crossovers, futuristic / other worldly, other

495 5335 55 minutes ago
In: first comes the blessing
By: mirrordarkling
other genres

Subforums: international sites, anime/manga, animal-based, other

80 561 Today at 07:42 pm
In: [XenF] Terrasphere (VRMMORP...
By: Terra Staff
non-roleplay forums

Subforums: resource, other

16 73 Jul 15 2017, 03:29 PM
In: Rockin' Roleplay
archived advertisements
any sites that have been closed or haven't been active in over a month are moved here by the moderators. there is a topic to request for your advertisement to be archived, as well as a topic for requesting to have your advertisement reopened.

2564 13632 Today at 06:25 pm
By: buffy summers

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