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 name changes
caution to the wind
 Posted: May 26 2015, 02:34 PM

caution to the wind


pronouns: N/A


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name changes

post here!

Welcome to the name change thread. Fill out the super simple form below and one of the admins will change your name for you as soon as possible.

You may only change your name once a month. If we make a mistake, there is a spelling error, or you went over the character limit, then just let us know and we'll get that fixed for you asap.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: CHECK THE MEMBERS LIST AND MAKE SURE THE NAME YOU WANT IS NOT ALREADY TAKEN! if the name is already taken but written in uppercase, requesting the same name in lowercase will not work. they are still considered the same username. we suggest adding a character, number, and/or punctuation mark.

[b]current username:[/b]
[b]username you want it changed to:[/b]
[b]has it been a month since your last username change?:[/b] just a yes or no will suffice, unless you need to explain something else (ex: spelling mistakes in a recently changed name, etc)
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skin challenge voting!!!