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march 8

we are having a rolling staff search seeking coding and graphics mods! if you enjoy coding or making graphics, please take a peek!

may 19

using tinypic? please read this announcement!

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 rolling staff search, coding, graphics
 Posted: Mar 8 2018, 06:13 PM



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caution staff search

coding, graphics

Hello there Caution! Welcome to our rolling staff search for coding and graphics applicants!

We are seeking out additional coding and graphics moderators to round out the teams we have already. If you enjoy making graphics or coding, please read on!

This round, you will be asked to apply via personal message! Please send your application to either of the admins (myself or Annie).

Below you will find information about the open positions on our team. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to an administrator!

graphics moderators:

A graphics moderator is responsible for all things involving graphics:

  • Taking requests (in their flower shops and/or the requests forum)
  • Answering graphics help questions
  • Creating resources such as premade icons for the use of Caution members
  • Monthly graphics challenges
  • Graphics gallery advancement

coding moderators:

Coding moderators are responsible for pretty much anything that falls under the umbrella of coding:

  • Filling requests (in personal bird houses and/or the requests forum)
  • Assisting with coding help questions
  • Providing coding resources such as templates for the members of Caution
  • Monthly coding challenges
  • Coding gallery advancement

Coding mods need to be proficient in their coding knowledge in order to successfully assist members.

Graphics and coding moderators are asked to complete 5 activities per month plus gallery comments or cbox activity. For example, a coding moderator could do 2 help threads, 1 request, and post 2 resources to pass their monthly activity check.

If any of these descriptions sound like something you might like to do, we highly encourage you to apply by pm'ing the form to an admin! We don't have any requirements to apply other than the actual act of applying, though we would always advise you to be active around Caution. Please make sure you include the information in the form below, but beyond that you're free to get creative with it -- make your answers as long or short as you want as long as all questions are fully answered.

The staff search will continue indefinitely. Please send your application to either one of the admins.

[b]account:[/b] [url=]username[/url]
[b]preferred pronouns:[/b]

[b]team choices:[/b] coding, graphics, or both
[b]time zone:[/b]

[b]prior experience:[/b] links to other sites you've administrated/ran or been a mod at, etc.
[b]examples of work:[/b] you must provide links (as many as you can) for your best work. coding, post any skins/templates/etc. you've made. graphics, post graphic resources/sigs/site graphics you've made. resources, any templates/graphics you've provided. links to your galleries would also be great, especially if they aren't in your mini!

[b]test run:[/b] on caution, coding moderators are responsible for independently handling any minor issues that arise in their sections. one such example of a minor issue is the following scenario:

member X has posted up two requests in either the coding or graphics section. as a moderator, you need to send them a message letting them know that this is against the rules so that they are aware of the problem and a resolution can be found.

please write the pm that you would send to member X in this situation.

[quote]your pm here -- you can delete or keep the scenario from your application, whichever you prefer![/quote]

[b]what's your favourite part of roleplaying?:[/b]
[b]tell us about you:[/b] describe your life offline, school, interests, your dog, etc. we just want to know you!
[b]anything else we might need to know:[/b]

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Apply to join our coding, graphics, and advertising team!

This round, we are accepting applications by PM. We also have included more specific information about our activity checks in the search.

view info and apply!!!