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we are having a rolling staff search seeking coding and graphics mods! if you enjoy coding or making graphics, please take a peek!

may 19

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bryony raylene , ( caution member )

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bryony raylene ,
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06/20/2018 My original supernatural site is almost ready to open! Just a couple more posts left. I've also decided that I'm going to be sticking around here a little more, so if anyone needs stuff for Proboards, hit me up!

06/18/2018 I'm searching for staff for an upcoming, proboards-hosted original supernatural site that will feature a JCINK-style system and shipper apps. If you're interested, check this thread!

Hello there, I'm Bry, aka Salti. I'm 21 and from the Great Plains USA (MST), and just recently got back into rp after a hiatus of about a year and a half or so. I code, too, mainly templates for proboards and jcink, skins for proboards, and themes on tumblr. I used to be staff on the proboards resource site Adoxography. My second life is on tumblr as a kpop blog, and I write fanfiction a lot too. My bias group is Monsta X ❤︎ Don't be afraid to shoot me a pm on here, email me, or send me a discord message @BRY✻#2925 if you want to chat!

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This round, we are accepting applications by PM. We also have included more specific information about our activity checks in the search.

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