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march 8

we are having a rolling staff search seeking coding and graphics mods! if you enjoy coding or making graphics, please take a peek!

may 19

using tinypic? please read this announcement!

the admin team

annie, nicole, shadia

the graphics team

natalie, sam

the coding team


the security team

raa, chelle, robin

the advertising team

josie, elena, marie
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GORE [jcink]
1984, post-war marauders era
harry potter helle 6 469 2 minutes ago
Last Post by: riza hawkeye
JACFC: Your Favorite Character Is Dead (Pages 1 2 3 ...9 )
au potter ϟ premium ϟ advanced ϟ jcink
harry potter mariexonette 134 5788 Today at 03:28 pm
Last Post by: mariexonette
The Past is forever [jcink]
AU HP | Trio-era post war
harry potter Alex6 2 110 Today at 02:57 pm
Last Post by: Alex6
Tempest Harbor [JCINK] (Pages 1 2 3 ...4 )
An Original Supernatural Genre RPG
supernatural creatures Eleholly 57 2014 Today at 02:00 pm
Last Post by: Eleholly
Lorem Ipsum
[Jcink] Premium canon animanga panfandom
anime/manga snowy Night 14 514 Today at 01:11 pm
Last Post by: snowy Night
MORTALS & MONSTERS (Pages 1 2 3 ...4 )
Original Creature RP || Jcink Premium
supernatural creatures Stereo 56 2235 Today at 12:58 pm
Last Post by: Stereo
Oakheart Town (JCINK)
Multi-Fandom | Canon Only | No WC
crossovers indiansfan01 1 20 Today at 11:50 am
Last Post by: black mamba.
city/town -IAJ ADMIN- 8 524 Today at 11:09 am
Last Post by: TheSpaceWalker
Pinned: Summer Staff Search 2018
ends August 12
rules and updates thunderstruck 0 54 Today at 10:46 am
Last Post by: thunderstruck
all you sinners [jcink] (Pages 1 2 3 )
small town || freeform app || 2+ yrs old
city/town lynnie 36 1447 Today at 08:57 am
Last Post by: lynnie
Nightwalkers [jcink premium]
supernatural creatures, 18+
supernatural creatures papiveroidae 4 338 Today at 08:09 am
Last Post by: heartramen
color coded speak (Pages 1 2 3 )
trio era. post war, 2001, jcink premium
harry potter ellectrifyy 35 1479 Today at 06:57 am
Last Post by: peach ice tea
Nightborn [jcink]
18+ original high fantasy
other Rivfader 2 58 Today at 06:37 am
Last Post by: Rivfader
dc canons // jcink // civil war plot
dc/marvel EPSY 15 519 Today at 05:36 am
Last Post by: EPSY
A Mature a/b/o marvel/dc rp Jcink Prem
dc/marvel Christo 3 131 Today at 05:33 am
Last Post by: Christo
Into The Deep
18+ au season 9 SPN site Jcink Prem
based on Christo 3 148 Today at 05:32 am
Last Post by: Christo
Mcu: Sacred Vows
A/B/O Marvel Rp (jcink)
dc/marvel Christo 8 331 Today at 05:32 am
Last Post by: Christo
Sacred Promises
18+ au crossover rp jcink prem
crossovers Christo 2 78 Today at 05:31 am
Last Post by: Christo
Leveraging Magic
au crossover rp jcink
crossovers Christo 2 88 Today at 05:30 am
Last Post by: Christo
Pandorica Extremis
au doctor who/torchwood jcink
based on Christo 2 82 Today at 05:30 am
Last Post by: Christo
based on THE QUEEN OF SCOTS * 13 630 Today at 03:45 am
Last Post by: THE QUEEN OF SCOTS *
KINK [jcink] (Pages 1 2 3 ...4 )
other donald 46 3002 Today at 02:35 am
Last Post by: -Lady Fay-
walking on a dream ,
jcink prem. / real life / san francisco
city/town 'shake it off 2 209 Yesterday at 11:06 pm
Last Post by: 'shake it off
WICꞰED [JCINK] (Pages 1 2 3 )
Post-Potter Modern Magic
harry potter wicked 42 2079 Yesterday at 10:45 pm
Last Post by: wicked
One Chance
seoul | mutants | jcink
based on nightwing13 2 44 Yesterday at 10:32 pm
Last Post by: nightwing13
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skinned by marv for caution's spring skin contest


We are currently seeking mods for all four teams! The search will end on August 12. Applications are accepted by post or by PM.

click here to view the search and apply!!!