august twenty sixth

welcome our newest additions to staff -- lena, noä, and maddy! as always, it was a difficult decision and we had some fantastic applicants. thank you to all who applied!

the admin team

kayla, annie

the graphics team

stephanie, sadie

the coding team

missy, noä, doe

the security team

raa, charlie, chelle, robin, nicole

the advertising team

carrie, josie, lena, shadia

The moderating team
Member Group Moderates Location Posts Contact
caution to the wind
administrator All Forums 122 PM
administrator All Forums 1341 PM
nina zenik
administrator All Forums 1609 PM
Global Moderators
angela ziegler
security moderator All Forums london, uk 831 PM
annalise keating
advertising moderator All Forums 1200 PM
ash ketchum
security moderator All Forums 279 PM
graphics moderator All Forums Queensland, Australia 1043 PM
harley quinn.
advertising moderator All Forums arizona 5317 PM
jack falahee.
security moderator All Forums the netherlands 1164 PM
jughead jones
advertising moderator All Forums Florida 506 PM
mardy bum
graphics moderator All Forums 1216 PM
matt murdock
coding moderator All Forums 1340 PM
Queen of Hearts
advertising moderator All Forums 1078 PM
security moderator All Forums newcastle, australia 1412 PM
space bisexual
coding moderator All Forums 391 PM
security moderator All Forums 3991 PM
tom hardy.
coding moderator All Forums 345 PM


winter 2017 staff search

CTTW is currently seeking several new moderators for our advertising, coding, and graphics teams!

Even if you are feeling unsure about applying, we suggest that you do. If staffing a resource site is truly a goal of yours, applying is valuable even if you aren't chosen this time around. We take notice of those who are repeat applicants and appreciate long-term interest.

The entire staff team is very excited about the staff search and highly encourage you to apply if you're interested!