august twenty sixth

welcome our newest additions to staff -- lena, noä, and maddy! as always, it was a difficult decision and we had some fantastic applicants. thank you to all who applied!

the admin team

kayla, annie, nicole

the graphics team

sarri, sadie

the coding team

missy, noä, doe

the security team

raa, charlie, chelle, robin

the advertising team

carrie, josie, lena, shadia

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 caution credits
caution to the wind
 Posted: May 26 2015, 01:23 PM

caution to the wind


pronouns: N/A


122 posts

caution credits

thank you!

The skin is coded by Nicole / thunderstruck exclusively for Caution. This includes the scripts for the toggle header, the toggle cbox, and the script to remove gallery links that aren't in use from the mini profile. Our beautiful header is by Vic / Highwater.

Thank you to Scroll to Top for the scroll to top image in the bottom right along with the script.

Thank you to Kao-ani for the super adorable smilies!

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skin challenge #2

CTTW is hosting our second skin challenge from April 22 - May 22!

The contest requirements include no banner image (putting a focus on the background and text) and avoiding blue/pink colour combinations.

We highly encourage you to review the details and consider entering the challenge. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our coding moderators!