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 caution site rules
caution to the wind
 Posted: May 26 2015, 01:42 PM

caution to the wind




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caution to the wind's rules

welcome to caution to the wind! as with any site, be it roleplay or resource, there are a list of rules that are presented to any member and guest who might want to become a member. these are the guidelines of the site and what we expect everyone to follow, no matter who they are. it'll answer your questions of what we allow and what we don't - however, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact a member of the staff so that we can help you out! and as always, if you find someone breaking the rules, we're here for you to notify so that we can take care of it.

when registering on the board, the most important thing to remember is this: we only allow one account per person. we've seen in the past how more than one account can be used to abuse the request areas, and truthfully, there's no reason to have more than one account. you can choose any name you want, upper or lower case, anything you see fit to have as a representation of yourself on the board. if you happen to make the mistake of registering more than one account, just PM an admin and we'll take care of the extra ones for you.

equally as important is age when registering. members MUST be thirteen years of age at the very least, according to jcink guidelines. just like caution members have to adhere to our rules, we have to adhere to the rules that our forum host has set up for us and this is one that isn't negotiable. any account found belonging to a member that is under thirteen will be banned until the appropriate date - anyone trying to get around this ban by creating another account will have both deleted.

as far as graphics go, we do not allow nudity or hardcore violence in the images that members use as their avatars and signatures. we also do not allow any personal pictures to be used, for the safety of our members. for sizes of the graphics, avatars can be up to the size listed in your control panel (200x300) - anything larger will be resized automatically. you may use something smaller, but for more cohesive looks, we prefer the recommended number for width (200).

for signatures, we ask that everything in your signature combined, meaning graphics, buttons, anything else you see fit to include in it, is no longer in height than 500px. 500px is also the width that we would like for members to stick to when choosing their graphics, especially considering there are codes to help with including more buttons if you need, such as side scrollers. if we find a signature is too long or wide, we'll PM the member and request changes be made to fit the dimensions we have listed here.

for requests, there is a universal rule with all of them: they can be bumped every three days, regardless of which section you're posting in. we do not allow them to be bumped before then and if we find a member taking advantage of bumping their threads before they're allowed to time wise, we will notify them with either a message in their thread, or a PM and having their request frozen, should it become something that is not being heeded even with repeated messages. on the other hand, we do encourage our members to bump their threads those every three days, since all threads and requests are archived after seven days of inactivity. they can be moved back, of course, but this is to ensure our forums are kept clean.

we do not allow requesting via PM - please keep your requests to the appropriate forums.

caution to the wind is a strict pg-13 site, which means that while there is cussing and the like allowed, we ask that our members not go overboard on the words they use considering we have younger members on the forum.

you might notice that we have security moderators on the site - they are in charge of any security issues that might arise, such as graphics, coding and writing theft, as well as the general attitude on the board and keeping conflict and bullying situations to a minimum. if you are having an issue, please be sure to refer to one of these mods. if you see anything happening on the board that you know is against the rules, you can absolutely bring it up to one of the staff.

please note that any form of security matter, from something small to something large, is a case by case scenario that we check into in depth. but the consequences are all largely the same depending on the severity of the case - ranging from a warning to a suspension, to an indefinite ban for the worst of the offenders. this does not mean that if you do something wrong, you will be suspended - but we ask that our members please think before they say something or think before they take something from someone else, because that is regarded as a very serious matter here on caution.

we do not allow members to advertise via PM, though they may have link to their sites in their signatures. please be sure to read each of the rules in any forum that you may visit, because there are specifics that aren't covered in this general overview of the site's rules. if you aren't one hundred percent certain about one thing or another, don't hesitate to ask a staff member beforehand.

and above all, remember that we made the site for our members - we want you guys to get the most out of the forum, and what we and our various members have to offer. if you feel like something is missing, we're all ears as to what we can do to better the site and offer more for our members.

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