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 account deletion thread
caution to the wind
 Posted: May 26 2015, 02:37 PM

caution to the wind




126 posts

deletion thread

we're sorry to see you go!

we love seeing our members being active! as such, we need our member count to be as accurate as possible, which means we don't want members creating multiple accounts simply because they've forgotten their login information. if this has happened to you and you prefer your new account to your old one(s), then please fill out the form below to request a deletion! remember, it's against the rules and generally unnecessary to have more than one caution account! there are also many other reasons why you may request a deletion, in which case we would really appreciate you filling out the "reason for deletion" section with as much detail as you're comfortable with sharing. don't forget to provide information that shows that the account is, in fact, yours (e.g. email, a screenshot of you on the account). after all, we don't want to go and delete an account that actually belongs to someone else!

we love having you as a part of the caution community and would definitely like for you to stick around, but if you have decided to delete your account as a result of any particular discomfort (caused by a certain thread, member, etc), then please contact a staff member and explain your situation!

[b]reason for deletion:[/b]
[b]evidence this is your account:[/b] (name the email address you registered your account with)
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