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may 19

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 advertising rules + form
caution to the wind
 Posted: Jun 16 2015, 08:48 PM

caution to the wind




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advertising rules

please read!

caution's site directory is open to all -- guests and members. all sites are submitted in the "submit your site" forum and a mod will sort the site based on the genre. please make sure to follow the rules & form we've provided to ensure quick and easy sorting of your site. the following rules apply to be accepted into our site directory.

submission rules

01. make sure your ad forum is guest friendly. we must be able to link back without registering on your site.

02. only post your site ad once and only in the submit a site forum. your site will be moved by a staff member to the appropriate subforum.

03. make sure your ad does not stretch our forums -- please keep all images under 500px in width and height.

04. you're required to tag your thread title or description with the forum host ([if] for invisionfree, [pb] for proboards, [jcink] for jcink, [ipbf] for ipbfree or [zeta] for zetaboards etc).

05. we do not allow dohtml in the advertising section.

06. please complete the form below to ensure your ad is sorted accurately and quickly.

[LIST][b]name of site[/b]: [b]type of site[/b]: (what sub-board your ad will be placed into) [b]site ad[/b]: [/LIST]

bumping rules

01. you're allowed to bump seven days from the last post -- the last post can be from you or a mod, it doesn't matter.

02. your bump can be updates to the site or simply a "bump."

03. if your site dies or becomes inactive, please be sure to post in the mark site as dead thread.

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Apply to join our coding, graphics, and advertising team!

This round, we are accepting applications by PM. We also have included more specific information about our activity checks in the search.

view info and apply!!!