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march 8

we are having a rolling staff search seeking coding and graphics mods! if you enjoy coding or making graphics, please take a peek!

may 19

using tinypic? please read this announcement!

the admin team

annie, nicole, shadia

the graphics team

natalie, sam

the coding team


the security team

raa, chelle, robin

the advertising team

josie, elena, marie
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The Little One ( caution member )

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seeing is believing,
i don't need no magic spell
to prove our love is real
Dec 20/15 Oh look I made a new sig, I hope you like it! I'm an amateur coder, and a coding moderator elsewhere! I don't have all the answers, but if you have a question I can certainly try to answer you! You can PM me any time, and you can contact me on Skype at xthe.littleonex or on AIM at thelittlest_littleone. I take requests, just check out my birdhouse below!
made by Little One of CAUTION

skinned by marv for caution's spring skin contest


Apply to join our coding, graphics, and advertising team!

This round, we are accepting applications by PM. We also have included more specific information about our activity checks in the search.

view info and apply!!!